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‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 4

By Robert Rishworth


Chapter 4



John Rishworth (1845 to 1917) and Mary Elizabeth Lantaff

John was the fourth child of Thomas Rishworth and Fanny Thornber.  He was born at Steeton on 6th December 1845.  At the age of 16 he was employed as a Bobbin Turner but by 1871 he was living at Rishworth Street Tailor Shop, accompanied by his younger brothers Charles and Samuel, and by this time working as a Tailor.


It is not known who had built Rishworth Street, or indeed which property this was.  Rishworth Row had been recorded in the 1861 Census.


In 1880 his father Thomas died and at the time of the 1881 Census John was still living in Steeton with his mother at Garden Cottage.


Shortly afterwards on 30th July1881 John married Mary Elizabeth Lantaff at Ilkley.

The 1881 census recorded Mary Elizabeth Lantaff as being employed as a servant, residing with her employers, Wm.T. and Kate Potter at Cross Beck Road, Ilkley.  Mary Elizabeth was born at St. Ives, Oldhurst, Huntingdon, Dec1855 and died at Ilkley June 1944.

John Rishworth and Mary Elizabeth Lantaff had two sons and six daughters.


Arthur was born 29th October 1881.  The 1901 census recorded that he was an Apprentice Cabinet Maker. Arthur emigrated to Canada and arrived in Toronto in April 1911.  Shortly afterwards on 20th September 1911 he married Alice Mary Sowerby.  Arthur died August 1957.  (See Chapter 8).


Emma was born 1st January 1883, and died unmarried, June 1958 aged 75.


Fanny was born 29th October 1884, and died unmarried, December 1934 aged 50.

Harry was born 24th March 1886 and married Mary Alice Lister.  He died 26th December 1946 aged 60 (see Chapter 5).

Arthur, Emma, Fanny and Harry were all christened at Ilkley on 5th September 1887.  The family address was stated to be Ash Grove.


Amy was born 10th October 1889.   Amy married Harold Stott, a soldier of Laburnum Cottage, Ben Rhydding, on 2nd January 1915, when they were both aged 25.  Amy’s address at this time was 103, Leeds Road, Ilkley.

Alice was born 10th January 1888, and died unmarried, June1972, aged 84.

Amy and Alice were both christened at Ilkley on 25th May 1890, the address being more positively stated to be 59, Ash Grove.


Maggie was born 1st October 1892 and christened at Ilkley on 23rd July 1893.  Maggie, aged 27, married Joseph Wood, aged 28, a mechanical engineer, at Ilkley on 27th September 1919.  Both addresses were stated as 103, Leeds Road, and both fathers were reported as deceased.  The next wedding in the Parish Register was that of their best man, Priestley Wood, on 25th October 1919, and his address was recorded as 12, Leamington Terrace, Ilkley.


Annie was born 3rd December1894 and christened at Ilkley on 10th December 1902.  The address was now stated to be 23, Ashland Terrace.  Annie emigrated to Australia in 1925 with the intention of marrying her fiancée who was already in Australia. However during the voyage she met a ship’s cook Frederick Graves who she subsequently married in Sydney later that year.  Annie died on 17th September 1989.  Further details of her descendants are given in Chapter 9.


23, Ashland Terrace was the family address at the time of the 1901 census.  It is suspected that Ashland Terrace may have been incorporated into Leeds Road and subsequently became 103, Leeds Road.


At the time of the 1901 census all the family except for Harry were living at the family home at 23, Ashland Terrace, Ilkley.  Additionally the house was occupied by a boarder, William Harris Hotchkiss, whose profession is described (with abbreviations) as Priest Cath Apol of Church.


Harry Rishworth had left the family house and was residing with his Uncle Henry Rishworth and wife Mary at their farm “Bracken” at Silsden, and was employed as a “farm servant”.  Examination of a current map indicates “Low Bracken Farm” and “High Bracken Farm”.  The latter is considered the farm Grandad described to me as being “high on the moors above Silsden, and a right bleak spot” and so far as I am aware the place where he continued to live and work until his move to Thornton in Craven.


Mary Elizabeth’s parents, Joseph and Mary Ann Lantaff had moved to Ilkley late in life.  Mary Ann died there Dec 1913 aged 81 and Joseph Dec 1915 aged 83.


John died March 1917 aged 71, but was survived by Mary Elizabeth until June 1944.



‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 2

By Robert Rishworth

Chapter 2

Kildwick and the Surrounding Area

The Kildwick parish originally contained several villages including Steeton, Eastburn and Silsden, which are now separately identifiable.  It is also of course only a short distance down the Aire Valley to Keighley (also East and West Morton), Riddlesden and Bingley.


Thomas Rishworth had been given Stanroyd Hall in 1566 and had married Joanna, daughter of Richard Whitely, heir to lands in Hipperholme in 1573.  All their children were however born at Ghyll (or Gill) Grange (or Gilgrange) and baptised at Kildwick, although the baptism record for Anthony has not been found.


However it is the sons of Anthony that we are more directly interested in.




Anthony Rishworth who had been born c1585 had married Francisca Unknown .  They lived in Keighley from 1607-1619 and subsequently at West Morton.  They had three sons, Thomas Rishworth, William Rishworth and John Rishworth.  There is a suggestion that he died in 1646 but it is considered more likely that he had died in 1641.

Thomas Rishworth was born in 1607 and married Ann Boulton to establish the line as described below.

William Rishworth was christened at Keighley in 1619 and married Mary Driver.  Mary lived until 1676 and William until 1696.  They resided at West Morton and had four children, Grace born 1651, Ann born 1653, Isobel born 1655 and John born 1657.  There is no information available about descendants and it is presumed that the land did not pass on via son John but via descendants of William’s brother Thomas (see later in this chapter).


John Rishworth married three times, to Martha Bolton in 1635 with whom he had a daughter Isobel, born in 1638 before Martha died in 1640, to Elizabeth Unknown who died 1676, with whom he had a daughter Martha who married Joseph Parkinson in 1699, and also to Isabel Unknown.  John and his family lived at Ghyll Grange.  John died in 1672.


Thomas Rishworth (1607 to 1699) and Ann Boulton


The family line now descends from Thomas of Gilgrange and Ann Boulton of Addingham.  They were married on 26th February 1645 in Addingham Parish Church.  Both are mentioned in the burial registers of Kildwick Parish Church with Ann being buried in1693 and Thomas in1699.


Thomas Rishworth (or Rishforth) had five sons, Johannes (or John) Rishforth, Guilielmus (or William) Rishworth, Thomas Rishworth, Anthony Rishworth and George Rishworth.




It is not clear when the move to Ghyll Grange was made, possibly after the death of Anthony but it would appear that Thomas was living with his brother John at Ghyll Grange after his marriage to Ann.  However in 1651 there were two young children in Thomas’s family and at this time his new house at Doublerstones was built.  It should be noted that the property currently referred to as Ghyll Grange is in fact the property Far Ghyll Grange, as distinct from Ghyll Grange itself.


It is considered that the inscription above the door lintel “TAR  1695”  at Cragg House Farm, Addingham Moorside refers to the residence of Thomas and Ann Rishworth, although this date is just after Ann’s death.


First son John was born in 1646 and married Anna Horsfall on 5th February 1688 when they already had three children.  It is probable that he had taken over at Ghyll Grange in 1672 after the death of his Uncle John and continued to live there until his death.  His son John, born 1678 lived in West Morton, and it is through him that the line is reported in Appendix ?




Their second son William was born in 1648 and was also baptised at Kildwick Parish Church.  He married Elizabeth Moorhouse from Addingham Moorside, daughter of John Moorhouse and Mary.  It is William and his descendants that we are concerned with here.


Third son Thomas was born in 1654 and married Jane Stirk.  It is through Thomas that most of the Rishworths of Silsden in the Censuses from 1841 to 1901 are descended, in fact all except those descended from William and Elizabeth Moorhouse, and this is reported in Appendix ??.

William Rishworth (1648 to 1705) and Elizabeth Moorhouse

William continued to live in the stone homestead at Doublerstones, Gilgrange, built by his father in 1651.  He married Elizabeth on 8th October 1699 at St. Peter’s, Addingham.  William was 51 and Elizabeth, born in 1680, was just 19.


William and Elizabeth’s two children Ann and Thomas were born in 1700 and 1702.


On 23rd September 1704, William, probably wanting to set up a farm and house of his own, is first mentioned as purchasing land in the village of Eastburn, down in the valley, about four miles from Gilgrange.  This was done in partnership with Stephen Moorhouse (Elizabeth’s brother), and Abraham Gott (Mary Moorhouse, Stephen and Elizabeth’s mother was now remarried to Abraham Gott).


On 31st March 1705 William purchased 55 acres of land, 2 dwellings and 2 barns in Eastburn for £475 from Thomas Garforth.


Not many weeks later, in June 1705, William aged 57, passed away, leaving his 25 year old wife with 5 year old Ann and 3 year old Thomas.  In the Kildwick Parish Register he was described as “paterfam” meaning “head of the family” of Gilgrange. He left all his property in Addingham Moorside and Eastburn to his wife Elizabeth and his son and heir Thomas (with a payment of £200 to his daughter Ann when she reached the age of 21).  His will indicates that the children were too young to accept responsibilities and that guardians should initially look after the estate.

The following is a transcript of the will of William Rishworth

In the name of God Amen I William Rishworth of Gilgrainge in the Parish of Kildwick in the County of Yorke yeoman being sick and weak in body but of sound perfect mind and disposing memory praise be Almighty God Doo this Second Day of June in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Seven hunred and ffive make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following ffirst and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my alone Saviour and redeemer

hoping through the merits death and passion to have full and free remission of my sinns and transgressions and my body I Committ to the earth to be decently buried att the discretion of my friends and executors hereafter named And as the dispossition of all my worldly goods Messuages Lands Tenements and hereditaments wherein I have any estate in ffee Simple which it hath pleased Almighty god to bestow upon mee I give devise and bequeath in manner and forme following ffirst it is my Will and mind that all my debts and funeral expenses bee paid and discharged out of my personal estate And it is also my Will and mind that Elizabeth my now wife shall have and enjoy all her Right out of my goods Messuages Barnes Buildings Lands Closes pieces and parcels of Lands Closes and premisses with appurtenances att Addingham Moorside and Eastburne in the Parish of Kildwick in the said County of Yorke

according to the provin thereof, And I doo hereby give devise and bequeath All that Messuage Together with the barnes buildings Lands Closes pieces and parcels of Lands Closes and grounds with appurtenances att Addingham Moorside aforesaid and now in the Tenure or occupation of William ffisher his Assigne or Assignes And also all those Two Messuages Together with the barnes buildings Lands Closes pieces and parcels of Lands Closes and grounds to the same belonging with appurtenances att Eastburne aforesaid in my possession and of one Abraham Gott or of our Assigne or Assignes unto Thomas Rishworth my son and heir To have and to hold the same unto him and his heirs for ever, provided and notwithstanding this last devise, That if hee the said Thomas Rishworth my said Son and heir doo pay or cause to bee paid

unto Anne Rishworth my daughter the summe of Two hundered pounds att her age of twenty one years out of my said Lands and Tenements att Addingham Moorside and Eastburne aforesaid but upon default of payment of the said summe of Two hundered pounds the said Anne my said daughter to enter to and upon the said Lands and Tenements to receive the rents Issues and profits thereof untill the said summe of Two hundered pounds bee fully satisfied and paid And it is also my Will and mind and I doo hereby give and devise unto the said Thomas Rishworth my said Son and heir and unto the said Anne my daughter Two parts the whole in three equally to bee divided of all my household goods of what kind or nature soever the same are or bee And it is also my Will and mind and I doo hereby give and devise (if it bee the free will and

Liberty of the Earls of Thannett) the remainder of my Lease or Leasses of these ffarmes att Gilgrainge aforesaid in my possession unto Elizabeth my Wife and Thomas my said Son and heir And it is also my Will and mind that Richard Dixon of Sutton Gent John Rishworth of Gilgraing the elder and John Moorhouse of Utley shall take and receive the rents issues and of all my said Messuages barnes buildings Lands Closes and premisses aforesaid to employ the same maintaineing and bringing up of my said Son and daughter with learning apparrell and other necessarys to whome I committ the tuition of them untill the attain their severall and respective ages of one and Twenty yeares or married by their consent allowing them reasonable Charges for their fare and paines showin And if it happen that the said Thomas my said Son and Anne my said daughter fortune to dye before hee or shee attaine their age or ages of one and Twenty yeares then it is my Will and mind that Elizabeth my said Wife shall hold and enjoy (if she bee then Living) all my Messuages Lands Tenements and heriditaments aforesaid for the term of her natural life and after her decease my Will and mind is and I doo hereby give and bequeath my said Messuages Lands and Tenements aforesaid unto the Children of my Brothers John Rishworth and Thomas Rishworth to hold to them and their heirs for ever And Lastly revoaking and makeing void all former and other wills by mee made And I doo hereby nominate and appoint Elizabeth (Jur) my said Wife and my said Son Thomas Joynt executors of this my Will and Testament Witnesse my hand and Seal the day and year above written.

Willm Rishworth Signed sealed published and declared to bee my last Will and Testament in the presence of Isabel Dixon her mark John Rishworth Junr Jur George Houldsworth Ste Moorhouse Jur Jurat for quarto die January 1705
Thomas Rishworth (1702 to 1772) and Mary Clapham

Thomas married Mary Clapham of Low Utley, the next village after Steeton going from Eastburn towards Keighley, about 2 miles from Eastburn, on 6th April 1732 in Kildwick Parish Church.




When they had their two sons, Thomas in 1739 and William in 1743 they were living at Thwaites, Bingley.  Brief information is given about Thomas Jnr.below, but the main narrative is continued via William.

Upon his death in 1772 when he was 69, Thomas Snr. Left the Thwaites property in Bingley to his son Thomas, and the Eastburn and Steeton properties to William.

Mary Clapham, the elder, died on 15th January 1789, “widow of Eastburn” and was buried at Keighley on 19th January.


Thomas Rishworth (1739 to 1809) and Amy Netherwood


Thomas was christened in Bingley on 3rd April 1740.  He married Amy Netherwood in All Saints Church, Bingley on 28th January 1772 when he was 33 and she was 23.


They had 3 children.


Amelia, born in 1782, married Thomas Whitely of Bingley and died on 20th April 1841, aged 59.


Elizabeth, born in 1784, married John Craven of Walk Mill of Keighley.  She died in 1859, aged 74.


Thomas, born in 1787, married Mercy Smith in Keighley on 25th February 1834 when he was 46 and Mercy 35.  They had two sons, Thomas born in1839, and John in 1841.


Thomas Snr. built Thwaites House, Bingley in 1780.  He died at Thwaites on 29th September 1809 and was buried on 3rd October 1809 in Bingley Parish Church.  Amy had been born in 1749 in Amblethorpe, Kildwick and died at Thwaites on 14th March 1818 when she was 69.  There is a monument in Bingley Parish Church to the family as they were buried in one of the church aisles.


It is hoped to further examine this branch of the family and report separately elsewhere.



Map of Silsden

Scanned and gratefully forwarded by Robert Rishworth.

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