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Edward Rushworth Family Tree



1.  Alexander RISHWORTH was born about 1470.


He was married to Grace TOWNLEY in 1488.  Alexander RISHWORTH and Grace TOWNLEY had the following children:


+2 i. John RISHWORTH.





2.  John RISHWORTH was born in 1502.  He died in 1575.  Gent of Stanroyd, Lancashire. Will available at Lancashire County Records’



He was married to Agnes ? in 1529.  According to J H Turner at page 219 in “Ancient Bingley…..”, 1897, “John

Rishworth, of Coley and his son Alexander (whose wife was named Beatrix)

disposed of Coley to the Sunderlands”.  John RISHWORTH and Agnes ? had the following children:


+3 i. Robert RISHWORTH.

+4 ii. Thomas RISHWORTH.

+5 iii. Elizabeth RISHWORTH.

+6 iv. Joan RISHWORTH.

7 v. John of Kinsley RISHWORTH.

+8 vi. Alexander RISHWORTH.





3.  Robert RISHWORTH was born in 1542.  He died in 1602 in Lord of Riddlesden Hall.  See information on ” The Rishworths – Lords of Riddlesden”.


According to J Horsfall Turner, at page 219, in “Ancient Bingley……”, 1897,

Ellen Married John, not Robert, although Robert is given as the husband of

Ellen Paslew by the curator of Riddlesden Hall (in 1996). Ellen PASLEW died in 1605.  She was buried on 31 Jul 1605 in Bingley.  Robert RISHWORTH and Ellen PASLEW had the following children:


9 i. Elizabeth RISHWORTH was christened on 19 Oct 1578 in Bingley.  She was buried on 17 Jan 1600 in Bingley.

+10 ii. John RISHWORTH.

+11 iii. Jane RISHWORTH.




4.  Thomas RISHWORTH died in 1604.  He was buried in Colne.


Thomas RISHWORTH and Johanne WHITELEY had the following children:


+12 i. Thomas RISHWORTH.


5.  Elizabeth RISHWORTH.










8.  Alexander RISHWORTH.  Alexander of Heath, son and heir. 1572 – sold reversion of Coley Hall to

Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland.




Philip Rushworth states, “In 1572 Alexander of Heath sold the Coley estate to

his brother Richard SUNDERLAND, and after his death it was split up. ………

Probably the most famous of the family was John Rishworth (1612-1690),

historian, Member of Parliament, and Secretary to Lord Fairfax and, later,

Oliver Cromwell. He was the grandson of Alexander of Heath, mentioned above.”


Alexander RISHWORTH and Beatrix ? had the following children:







10.  John RISHWORTH was born in 1580.  He was christened on 3 Jan 1581 in Bingley.  He died in 1655.  In 1634, John and his two sons Richard and Robert, conveyed East Riddlesden to

Robert Townley, of Newhall (p.219 Ancient Bingley by J H Turner, 1897).




Bingley PC baptism: 1581 Jan 3 John s. Mr Robert Rishworth (ref:wrylist).


Michael Hopkinson had just given year of birth as 1580.


They sold Riddlesden manor to James MURGATROYD in 1630.




Baptisms of children taken from Bingley PC (via. wrylist). Ann TOWNLEY died in 1652.  Daughter of Edmund Townley of Royle.  John RISHWORTH and Ann TOWNLEY had the following children:


14 i. Anne RISHWORTH was christened on 16 Sep 1604 in Bingley.

+15 ii. Richard RISHWORTH.

16 iii. Ellen RISHWORTH was christened on 1 Sep 1605 in Bingley.  She was buried on 8 Sep 1640 in Bingley.

17 iv. Robert RISHWORTH was christened on 11 Dec 1608 in Bingley.

18 v. Frances RISHWORTH was christened on 31 Jul 1611 in Bingley.  Bingley PC baptism (wrylist): “1611 Jul 31 Francis d.[sic] John Rushworth,


19 vi. Elizabeth RISHWORTH was buried on 17 Jan 1600 in Bingley.

20 vii. Susan RISHWORTH.


11.  Jane RISHWORTH.


William BAILDON was born in 1580 in ?.  Jane RISHWORTH and William BAILDON had the following children:


+21 i. William BAILDON.


12.  Thomas RISHWORTH.


He was married to Ann in Kildwick.  Thomas RISHWORTH and Ann had the following children:


22 i. John RISHWORTH was christened on 26 May 1594 in Kildwick.

+23 ii. Anthony RISHWOORTH.




RISHWORTH had the following children:


24 i. John RISHWORTH was born in 1612 in Northumberland?.  He died on 12 May 1690 in Southwark, near London.





15.  Richard RISHWORTH was born in 1605.  He was christened on 16 Sep 1606 in Bingley.


He was married to Margaret CHAPMAN in 1636.  Richard RISHWORTH and Margaret CHAPMAN had the following children:


25 i. Elenor [Elliner] RUSHWORTH was christened on 27 Nov 1637 in Bingley.

26 ii. John RISHWORTH.


21.  William BAILDON was born in 1612 in ?.


Frances SAVILE was born in 1615 in ?.  William BAILDON and Frances SAVILE had the following children:


27 i. Francis BAILDON.


23.  Anthony RISHWOORTH was buried on 17 Jul 1640 in Bingley.1


Keighley Parish Register has the entry, “Nov 1619 William the son of Anthony

Rishworth baptized the xxjth day”. Isabell was buried on 9 Jun 1636 in Bingley.2  Anthony RISHWOORTH and Isabell had the following children:


+28 i. Thomas RISHWORTH.


Keighley Parish Register has the entry, “Nov 1619 William the son of Anthony

Rishworth baptized the xxjth day”. This is likely to be the ‘lost connection’

in “Ilkley: Ancient and Modern”. Francisca was buried on 8 Feb 1619 in Ilkley [1619/20].  Ilkley PR burial – Francisca RISHWORTH..  Anthony RISHWOORTH and Francisca had the following children:


+29 i. William RISHWORTH.





28.  Thomas RISHWORTH was christened on 30 Aug 1607 in Keighley.3  He died in 1699.  He was buried on 7 Apr 1699 in Kildwick.4  He was living 1676, 1693, 1699 in Gilgrange.  He was a Farmer in Gilgrange.  “Senex pater familias” of Gilgrange [Ghyll Grange by Silsden].


He was married to Ann BOULTON on 26 Feb 1645 in Addingham.5

Ann BOULTON was buried on 29 Dec 1693 in Kildwick.6  Thomas RISHWORTH and Ann BOULTON had the following children:


+30 i. John RISHWORTH.

+31 ii. William RISHWORTH.

+32 iii. Thomas RISHFORTH.

33 iv. Anthonie RUSHFORTH was born in 1658.  He was christened on 11 Apr 1658 in Kildwick.7  He was buried on 5 Apr 1676 in Kildwick.8  IGI fiche A2570 page100,049 gives christening of Anthonie Rushforth at

Kildwick, sone of Tho. and Ann Rushforth.


29.  William RISHWORTH was christened on 20 Nov 1619 in Keighley.  He was buried on 22 Jun 1691 in Bingley.  or RUSHWORTH


He was married to Mary DRIVER on 23 Jan 1648 in Bingley.9  Marriage in Bingley Bishops Transcripts (wrylist) Mary DRIVER was buried on 11 Oct 1676 in Bingley.  William RISHWORTH and Mary DRIVER had the following children:


34 i. Grace RISHWORTH was christened on 25 Apr 1651 in Bingley.

35 ii. Ann RISHWORTH was christened on 11 Nov 1653 in Bingley.

36 iii. Isabell RISHWORTH was christened on 10 Feb 1656 in Bingley.

37 iv. John RISHWORTH was christened on 7 Feb 1658 in Bingley.

+38 v. William RISHWORTH.





30.  John RISHWORTH was born in 1646.  He was christened on 24 Jun 1646 in Kildwick.  He was living in 1680 in Gilgrange.10  Is this the John RISHWORTH buried at Addingham on 16 Aug 1728?


He was married to Ann HORSFALL in 1688.  The following marriages are recorded in Addingham and may be descendants of

this line:


1723 John Lister and Ann Rishworth 9 of May.


John Rishworth, Mary Lister 10 Oct.




There is also a marriage in 1728 of William Cockson & Mary Rishworth on June 1.




There is also a marriage of Samuel Atkinson to Sarah Rishforth at Addingham on

24 Feb 1714, but note that this is not Rishworth.  John RISHWORTH and Ann HORSFALL had the following children:


39 i. Thomas RISHWORTH was born in Feb 1680 in Gilgrange.11  He died in Feb 1680 in Kildwick.12


31.  William RISHWORTH was born in 1648.  He was christened on 29 Oct 1648 in Silsden, Kildwick Parish.13  He was living in 1702 in Gilgrange.  He signed a will on 2 Jun 1705 in Gilgrange.14  This Will shows that:

William Rishworth, yeoman of Gilgrange, also with property at Eastburn and Addingham Moorside made his Will on 2 June 1705 and had obviously died by the date of the Inventry on 31 Jul 1705, and that he had a wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, daughter Anne, and brothers John and Thomas.  Or RISHFORTH.


He was married to Elizabeth MOORHOUSE on 9 Oct 1699 in Addingham.  William RISHWORTH and Elizabeth MOORHOUSE had the following children:


+40 i. Thomas RISHWORTH.

41 ii. Anne RISHWORTH was living in 1705 in Gilgrange.


32.  Thomas RISHFORTH was born in 1654.  He was christened on 5 Jan 1654 in Kildwick.15  It is debateable as to whether or not this Thomas is the son of Thomas and Ann or Thomas and Elizabeth (all of Gilgrange) – see Kildwick PR.  He was buried on 3 Feb 1738 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p88 1738 bur 3 Feb Thomas Rishworth.  He was a Yeoman in Moorside, Addingham..  He was living in Addingham Moorside.


He was married to Jane STIRK (daughter of Francis STIRK) on 2 Nov 1697 in Kildwick.16 Jane STIRK was buried on 21 Jan 1750 in Addingham (Widow).  Addingham parish record (on Fiche) reads, “1750, Burial. Jane Rishworth, widow

Jan 21”.  Thomas RISHFORTH and Jane STIRK had the following children:


42 i. Ann RISHFORTH was born in 1700.  She was christened on 4 Mar 1700 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p69 1700 bapt 4 Mar Ann daughter of Tho: Rishforth  She was buried on 27 Apr 1704 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p71 1704 bur 27 Apr Anne daughter of Thomas Rishforth

+43 ii. Thomas RISHWORTH.

+44 iii. William RISHFORTH.


38.  William RISHWORTH was christened on 16 Mar 1662 in Bingley.


William RISHWORTH and Grace RODGERS had the following children:


45 i. Grace RISHWORTH was christened on 11 Jan 1682 in Bingley.17  See family note





40.  Thomas RISHWORTH was born in 1702 in Gilgrange.  He was baptised on 9 Aug 1702 in Kildwick.18  He was a Yeoman in 1732 in Gilgrange.  He was living in 1732 in Gilgrange.  He died in 1772 in Thwaites, Bingley.19  Surely this must be this Thomas?  He was living in 1772 in Thwaites, Bingley.  He was a Genteleman in 1772 in Thwaites, Bingley.


He was married to Mary CLAPHAM on 6 Apr 1732 in Kildwick.20  Is this the one we have a Will for Thos. Rishworth of Thwaits at Bingley who died in 1772? Mary CLAPHAM was born in Uttley, Keighley.  Thomas RISHWORTH and Mary CLAPHAM had the following children:


46 i. Thomas RISHWORTH.  Eldest son who inherited Thwaites at Bingley and some property at Addingham Moorside.

+47 ii. William RISHWORTH.


43.  Thomas RISHWORTH was born in 1704.  He was baptised on 13 Mar 1704 in Addingham.21  He died on 14 Sep 1771 in Ramsgill, Ilkley..22  He was buried on 14 Sep 1771 in Ilkley.23  He was a Yeoman, carrier. in Ramsgill, and Little or Lower Woodhouse, and/or Crawshaw, llkley..  Note from “Ilkley: Ancient & Modern”, page 235, RUSHFORTH:  “Thomas b. 1712, of Ramsgill, and Little or Lower Woodhouse, yeoman, carrier, died 1771.” – This date of birth is wrong, and so is the rest of the earlier family tree at this source. Also note the variation in place names explained at page 224: “CRAWSHAY. – Richard, of Woodhouse, sometimes called Crawshay after him, buried May 19, 1676. Helena, his wife, was buried Feb. 15, 1675. Their sons were Richard, of Nether Woodhouse, yeoman, died 1721, will proved same year; and John, of Woodhouse, yeoman, died 1718. Harrison, son of John died 1716.”


He was married to Sarah COWLING (daughter of Thomas COLLING and Sara BOOTH) on 11 Sep 1729 in Kildwick.  Kildwick PR: 1729 marriage Sep 11 Tho. Rishforth of the Parish of Addingham, Yeoman, & Sarah Cowling of this Parish, Spinsr …… by Licence ……. Sarah COWLING was christened on 29 Mar 1707 in Kildwick.  She was buried on 16 Apr 1748 in Ilkley.  Ilkley Parish Register (page 140): 1748 Burial ” Sarah, Wife of Thomas Rishworth of Lower Woodhouse, April 16th”.

Evidently Sarah’s youngest daughter, Ann, was baptised on 5the June 1748, which

suggests that Sarah probably died in childbirth. Ilkley Parish register simply

records the baptism as “Daughter of Thomas Rishworth of Ilkley”.  Thomas RISHWORTH and Sarah COWLING had the following children:


48 i. Ann RISHWORTH was born in 1731.  She was christened on 22 Oct 1731 in Addingham.24

+49 ii. John RUSHWORTH.

+50 iii. Sarah RISHFORTH.

51 iv. Mauger RISHFORTH was born in 1740.  He was christened on 4 Mar 1740 in Ilkley.25  Ilkley PR.

52 v. Mary RISHFORTH was born in 1743.  She was christened on 29 Jan 1743 in Ilkley (1742/3).  Ilkley Parish Register (page 101): “1742 – Mary Daughter of Thomas Rishforth, Ilkley.” Ilkley PR microfiche and “Ilkley: Ancient & Modern”, 1743.

+53 vi. Ann RISHFORTH.


44.  William RISHFORTH was born in 1707.  He was christened on 3 Nov 1707 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p73 1707 bap 3 Nov William son of Thomas Rishforth  He was buried on 6 Apr 1777 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p154 1777 bur 6 Apr William – Rushworth – Third Son of Thos. Rushworth of Moorside Yeoman by Jane D. of Francis Stirk of Silsden Moor Yeoman – on Sunday the 6th April In the Church Yard – Seventy One – Consumption.  He was living in Moorside, Addingham..  He was a Yeoman in Moorside, Addingham..


He was married to Ann LAMBERT (daughter of Robert LAMBERT) on 28 May 1741 in Addingham.  There is an Addigham Burial recorded as RUSHWORTH, Thomas son of William = Ann

of Moorside, Yeoman, died 15.1.1788, bur. 18.1.1788, aged 36 years,

consumption. It seems likely that this would be an unmarried son of this family. Ann LAMBERT was born about 1717.  She died on 11 May 1789 in Addingham.  She was buried on 14 May 1789 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p160: 1789 Ann Rushworth d. of Robt. Lambert of Doublestones fmr. D.11 B.14 May. 72y. Old age.  The Addingham burial record is, RUSHWORTH, Ann daughter of Robert Lambert of

Doublestone, farmer, died 11.5.1789, bur. 14.5.1789, aged 72 years, old age.  William RISHFORTH and Ann LAMBERT had the following children:


54 i. Hannah RISHWORTH was christened on 29 Mar 1742 in Addingham.  She was buried on 23 May 1749 in Addingham.

55 ii. John RISHWORTH was christened on 4 Mar 1744 in Addingham.  He died on 15 Jun 1803 in Moorside (58y gradual decline).  He was buried on 19 Jun 1803 in Addingham.  Addingham burial records , RUSHWORTH John of Moorside, Yeoman, d. 15.6.1803,

bur. 19.6.1803, aged  58 years, gradual decline.

+56 iii. Mary RISHWORTH.

57 iv. William RISHWORTH was born on 3 Sep 1749 in Addingham.  He was buried on 12 Nov 1770 in Addingham.  In Ilkley Par Reg on 26 Jan 1807 a William Rushworth was a witness at the

marriage of Joseph Binns & Hannah Stringer. It may have been this William.

58 v. George RISHWORTH was christened on 3 Oct 1754 in Addingham.  Addingham PR:


1784 Banns George Rushworth bach & Mary Flesher of Kildwick spr.

+59 vi. Henry RUSHWORTH.

60 vii. Ann RISHWORTH was christened on 3 Jul 1760 in Addingham.

61 viii. Thomas RISHWORTH died on 15 Jan 1788 in (36y consumption).  He was buried on 18 Jan 1788 in Addingham.  Addingham PR p159 1788 bur 18 Jan Tho. s. of Wm Rushworth of Moorside yeo. by Ann d. of Robt. Lambert of Doublestones p. Kildwick fmr. D. 15 B. 18 Jan. 1788. 36y. conspn.  He was born in ca. 1752.

+62 ix. Nancy RUSHWORTH.



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‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 9

By Robert Rishworth

Chapter 9


Annie Rishworth and Descendants in Australia

Annie Rishworth, born in Ilkley on 3rd December 1894 arrived in Australia and married Frederick Graves in Sydney in 1925.  She died on 17th September 1989.  Frederick Graves, born on 1st March 1896 died in September 1965.


Annie was engaged to Ernest Simpson and was travelling on the Beltania from England to Australia in 1925 to marry Ernest who was already in Australia.  However during the journey she met Fred Graves, a ship’s cook, who she then married later that year.



Annie and Frederick had one son, Reginald Walter and one daughter, Dorothy Irene.  The family returned to England in about 1932, living in Surrey for four years, then in Ilkley until 1941 when they returned to Australia on a navy escorted ship during WW2.


Reginald Walter Graves was born on 31st May 1928 and died in August 1964.  He never married nor had children.  He was a postman, always lived with his parents, and enjoyed the latest music of the day.


Dorothy Irene Graves was born on 21st September 1930 and was a hairdresser until she married John Harrison (Jack), who was born 20th October 1930, on 12th May 1950.  They lived in Carrington, Newcastle, New South Wales.  Dorothy and John had one son John Frederick and one daughter Kerri Anne.


John Frederick Harrison was born on 12th February 1952 and married Janice Latter in May 1972.  They had four sons, Jamie Paul, Michael John, Matthew Stephen and

Adam Christopher.


Jamie Paul Harrison was born on 13th November 1972.  He married Michelle Louise Wilkinson. They have two sons, Jack Daniel, born 20th September 1995 and Thomas James born 3rd August 2002, and one daughter Zoe Louise born 12th July 1998.


Michael John Harrison was born on 13th October 1974 and married Belinda Jane Schirmer in 2002.  They have one daughter, Caitlan Grace born 18th August 2004, and a son Luke Geoffrey John born 20th June 2007.


Matthew Stephen Harrison was born 23rd December 1980.


Adam Christopher Harrison was born 13th December 1985.


Kerri Anne Harrison was born on 16th November 1954 and is a nurse.  She married Brian Stewart Davidson in Aberdeen, Scotland on 26th November 1984.  They had one daughter, Jane Margaret, and one son Nathan James


Jane Margaret Davidson was born 11th June 1985.


Nathan James Davidson was born 27th January 1988.




‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 8

By Robert Rishworth

Chapter 8


Arthur Rishworth and Descendants in Canada

Arthur Rishworth, born in Ilkley on 29th October 1881, emigrated to Canada in 1911.  He married Alice Mary Sowerby on 20th September 1911. Alice Mary Sowerby was born in Penrith (North West of England) June 1887.  Arthur died in August 1957, aged 76. Alice died on 6th December 1964, aged 77.  They had one son Edmund (Ed) and one daughter Beatrice Muriel (Betty).




Edmund Rishworth, (born??) married Lola Brock (when) and had a son Edgar Brock Rishworth and a daughter Nancy (and lived where?).


Both Brock and Nancy, with their families now live in Calgary.


Edgar Brock Rishworth, known as Brock, was born 28th June 1949 in Toronto.  He married Frances Winnifred Golightly on 10th October 1981.  Frances had four children from a first marriage.  Brock and Fran have no children of their own, hence it appears that there will be no continuation of the line in Canada.


Nancy Rishworth married Jack McGillvray and they have three children, all living in Calgary:


Angy is single and a teacher.


Marcie is married to Jay (????) with two girls Zoe and Avery.


Blaine, who married Jazzie (??????) on 16th June 2007.


Beatrice Muriel Rishworth was born 22nd January 1918.  She married Fred Hull, born 15th March 1918, on 18th May 1942.  Apparently Beatrice is known as Beatrice Muriel Rishworth Hull.  They had three daughters, Marilyn, Barbara Anne and Carol Jane.  Fred died on 24th February 2004.


Marilyn Hull Theurer was born 27th June 1945 and married Hans Jurgen Theurer, born 22nd September 1945, on 25th August 1967.  They live in Arthur, Ontario and have three sons, Jon Heindrick, Karl Egan and Mark Fredrick.


Jon Heindrick Theurer was born 6th December 1975 and married Julie Andrea Stecklie, born 4th June 1976, on 22nd August 1999.  They have one son, Alexander Hans Theurer, born 16th February 2007.  They live in London, Ontario.


Karl Egan Theurer was born 15th May 1979 and married Jennifer Richmond on 3rd December 2003.  They live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A.


Mark Fredrick Albert Theurer was born 7th March 1983.


Barbara Anne Hull was born on 15th January 1949 and married ????? Windle.  She has two children, Barrett, born 14th January 1983 and Brittany, born June 1986.  They live in Whitby, Ontario.


Carol Jane Hull was born 3rd December 1951 and married Brian Grover on 25th August 1972.  They have two daughters, Jennifer and Amy.  They live in Unionville, Ontario.


Jennifer Grover was born ? January 1980.


Amy Grover was born ? June 1983.


To be amended and brought up to date soon.

Last amendment 12 Feb 2008



‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 4

By Robert Rishworth


Chapter 4



John Rishworth (1845 to 1917) and Mary Elizabeth Lantaff

John was the fourth child of Thomas Rishworth and Fanny Thornber.  He was born at Steeton on 6th December 1845.  At the age of 16 he was employed as a Bobbin Turner but by 1871 he was living at Rishworth Street Tailor Shop, accompanied by his younger brothers Charles and Samuel, and by this time working as a Tailor.


It is not known who had built Rishworth Street, or indeed which property this was.  Rishworth Row had been recorded in the 1861 Census.


In 1880 his father Thomas died and at the time of the 1881 Census John was still living in Steeton with his mother at Garden Cottage.


Shortly afterwards on 30th July1881 John married Mary Elizabeth Lantaff at Ilkley.

The 1881 census recorded Mary Elizabeth Lantaff as being employed as a servant, residing with her employers, Wm.T. and Kate Potter at Cross Beck Road, Ilkley.  Mary Elizabeth was born at St. Ives, Oldhurst, Huntingdon, Dec1855 and died at Ilkley June 1944.

John Rishworth and Mary Elizabeth Lantaff had two sons and six daughters.


Arthur was born 29th October 1881.  The 1901 census recorded that he was an Apprentice Cabinet Maker. Arthur emigrated to Canada and arrived in Toronto in April 1911.  Shortly afterwards on 20th September 1911 he married Alice Mary Sowerby.  Arthur died August 1957.  (See Chapter 8).


Emma was born 1st January 1883, and died unmarried, June 1958 aged 75.


Fanny was born 29th October 1884, and died unmarried, December 1934 aged 50.

Harry was born 24th March 1886 and married Mary Alice Lister.  He died 26th December 1946 aged 60 (see Chapter 5).

Arthur, Emma, Fanny and Harry were all christened at Ilkley on 5th September 1887.  The family address was stated to be Ash Grove.


Amy was born 10th October 1889.   Amy married Harold Stott, a soldier of Laburnum Cottage, Ben Rhydding, on 2nd January 1915, when they were both aged 25.  Amy’s address at this time was 103, Leeds Road, Ilkley.

Alice was born 10th January 1888, and died unmarried, June1972, aged 84.

Amy and Alice were both christened at Ilkley on 25th May 1890, the address being more positively stated to be 59, Ash Grove.


Maggie was born 1st October 1892 and christened at Ilkley on 23rd July 1893.  Maggie, aged 27, married Joseph Wood, aged 28, a mechanical engineer, at Ilkley on 27th September 1919.  Both addresses were stated as 103, Leeds Road, and both fathers were reported as deceased.  The next wedding in the Parish Register was that of their best man, Priestley Wood, on 25th October 1919, and his address was recorded as 12, Leamington Terrace, Ilkley.


Annie was born 3rd December1894 and christened at Ilkley on 10th December 1902.  The address was now stated to be 23, Ashland Terrace.  Annie emigrated to Australia in 1925 with the intention of marrying her fiancée who was already in Australia. However during the voyage she met a ship’s cook Frederick Graves who she subsequently married in Sydney later that year.  Annie died on 17th September 1989.  Further details of her descendants are given in Chapter 9.


23, Ashland Terrace was the family address at the time of the 1901 census.  It is suspected that Ashland Terrace may have been incorporated into Leeds Road and subsequently became 103, Leeds Road.


At the time of the 1901 census all the family except for Harry were living at the family home at 23, Ashland Terrace, Ilkley.  Additionally the house was occupied by a boarder, William Harris Hotchkiss, whose profession is described (with abbreviations) as Priest Cath Apol of Church.


Harry Rishworth had left the family house and was residing with his Uncle Henry Rishworth and wife Mary at their farm “Bracken” at Silsden, and was employed as a “farm servant”.  Examination of a current map indicates “Low Bracken Farm” and “High Bracken Farm”.  The latter is considered the farm Grandad described to me as being “high on the moors above Silsden, and a right bleak spot” and so far as I am aware the place where he continued to live and work until his move to Thornton in Craven.


Mary Elizabeth’s parents, Joseph and Mary Ann Lantaff had moved to Ilkley late in life.  Mary Ann died there Dec 1913 aged 81 and Joseph Dec 1915 aged 83.


John died March 1917 aged 71, but was survived by Mary Elizabeth until June 1944.


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