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Estate of William Rishworth 1904

South Africa.

MOOC  13/1/1646    ref:  257.


4th Revenue Account                        26 Sep 1908.


These papers have not been filed in order.


Properties mentioned:

G.A. Smith’s store in Queen Street

Shop in Queen Street

Surrey House

Cannon Cottage, St Patricks Road

Singer’s Store in Queen Street


Total income:   £319. 6. 6.            Each child gets:  £38.10.7.


Note on cover:  Summary of will.



MOOC  13/1/1684    ref:  124


5th Account  16 March 1909.


Properties mentioned:

Cannon House

Rockcliffe Cottage


Total income:   £285. 5.00.            Each child gets:  £42. 3. 7.


Usual note on cover.



MOOC  13/1/1721    ref:  62.


6th Revenue Account.                        8 September 1909.


Properties mentioned:

Cannon House

Rockcliffe Cottage


Total amount:  £302. 5.00.                        Each child gets:  £36.18. 2.


Usual note on cover.









MOOC  13/1/1772    ref:  143.


7th Revenue Account                        16 March 1910.


Properties mentioned:

Surrey House

Mc Nab’s


Total amount:  £309. 5. 9.                        Each child gets:  £52. 4. 11.


Usual note on cover.



MOOC  13/1/1816    ref:  53.


8th Revenue Account                        5 September 1910.


Properties mentioned:

Cannon House & Cottage

176 Queen Street


Total amount:  £294. 4. 6.                        Each child gets:  £40. 2. 1.


Usual note on cover.



MOOC  13/1/1878    ref:  4.


9th Recount of Administration            1 April 1911.


Properties mentioned:

Surrey House

House occupied by Singer

Queen Street

Surrey House

Rockcliffe Cottage


Total amount:   £296. 2. 6.                        Each child gets:  £44. 4. 4.


Note on cover:  In terms of the will the whole estate is to be realizes as soon as possible after 31/12/1910.  When do the Execs anticipate they will be in a position to carry this direction of the testator into effect?


Reply to note:

With reference to the query raised by you as communicated to us by our Cape Town Agents, Messrs Bisset & Hofmeyr, under date 23 ult., we have the honour to enclose herein a letter from all the Heirs in the above Estate excepting Mrs. E. Pearson whose domicile is in England to the same effect, and if you should require it, we can get a duplicate letter as signed by the other Heirs sent to Mrs Pearson to be signed by her, but we presume that this will not be necessary.

Agreement of Heirs:


We, Thomas Rishworth, Ann Robinson (born Rishworth) duly assisted by my husband Joseph Robinson, Midgley Rishworth, Elizabeth Pearson (born Rishworth) and Mary Jane Hunt (born Rishworth), the Heirs under the Will of our Father the late William Rishworth, dated at Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope on the 23rd day of December 1904 together with the Codicil dated 21st day of February 1905, of the whole of the remainder of his Estate and Effects do hereby expressly authorise and empower the Executors of our late father’s Will and the Administrators of his Estate and Effects notwithstanding the provisions of his said Will not to sell or dispose of all or any of his landed and house or store property during a period of one (1) year commencing on the 1st day of January 1911, if they in their discretion deem it wise and expedient on any account not to do so.  We severally and respectively hold them and each of them harmless and indemnified in respect of their acting upon the authority hereby given to them and not following out implicitly the terms and conditions of our late father’s last Will.

Witnessed & Signed.


Letter from E. Pearson:

Ivy Bank, Steeton, Nr. Keighley.  Oct. 14th 1910.

Mr Simmons & Mr Wilson

Dear Sirs

Enclosed you will find receipt for which accept many thanks, 7 will be pleased for remainder when convenient to you.  I have thought if the other members of the family are agreeable, to postpone the sale of property until the times are in a better state, we all should benefit by it.  If you would kindly propose this to them & let me know the decision I would be greatly obliged.  Yours Faithfully,  E. Pearson.


Letter to the Master:            30.3.1911.

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 30th ultimo from which I note that in compliance with the request of all the Heirs in the above Estate you are agreeable to the realisation of the landed property being held over until next year.  Usual ending.


Letter to Master:            6 .6.1911.

Referring to our letter of the 21st March last, we now beg to hand you herewith consent paper from Mrs E. Pearson, requesting us not to sell landed property for one year commencing from the first of January last.  Usual ending.


Letter from Master:            15.6.1911.

In acknowledgement the receipt of your letter of the 6th instant, I beg to inform you that under the circumstances the realization of the property may be held over till next year.  Usual ending.


Letter to Bisset & Hofmeyr:            4.3.1911.

We are in receipt of your favour of the 23rd ulto and note its contents.

We now enclose herein the four acquittances of the local Heirs, and the 2nd of Exchange for the amount sent to Mrs Pearson in England.

In connection with the Masters 3rd remark, we are, and have been for the last month or so, endeavouring to get the Heirs to arrange between themselves what course they wish to adopt, but up to the present we have not had their decision.  However, we are again writing to them requesting an immediate decision.



MOOC 13/1/1996    ref:  177  &  178.


10th Account                          25 april 1912.


Properties mentioned:

Rockcliffe House

Steeton House


Total amount:  £273.12. 6.                        Each child gets:  £34. 2. 7.


New rates account:

£                                    £

2 cottages St Patricks St.                                    700.0.0                        1.13. 7

Aerated water factory                                                600.0.0                        1.  8. 9

Cottage off St Patricks St                                    400.0.0.                           19. 2

3 Shops & sites Queen St                                    600.0.0.                        1.  8. 9

Shop & site                        “                                    500.0.0.                        1.  4. 0

Shop & store at back            “                                    500.0.0                        1.  4. 0

Double store                        “                                  1800.0.0                        4.  6. 3

Single store                        “                                  1000.0.0.                        2.  7.11

3 Stores & site                        “                                  1000.0.0.                        2.  7. 11

2 Houses                        “ & off do                      2000.0.0.                        4.15.10

Ground            St Patricks ST                                    350.0.0.                           16. 9


Total rates 1911                                                                                  22.12.11




178                        11th Account                        Dated 25 April 1912


Properties mentioned:

Surrey House

Rockcliffe Cottage


Total amount:  £261.15.? (in fold)            Each child gets:  £35.19. 9.



MOOC  6/9/4253    ref:  37389





Will of Elizabeth Pearson nee Rishworth

Elizabeth Pearson, born Rishworth

Death Cert, Notice and Will.


MOG    1/1/136    ref:  1540/58


Death Notice


Name – Elizabeth Pearson, born Rishworth, a widow

Place of Birth – Port Elizabeth

Father – William Rishworth

Mother – Jane Rishworth

Age – 89y 41/2m

Where lived – Beatrice Nursing Home, Walmer.

Spouse – James Russel Pearson, who died at Middlesex on 20.6.1933.

Marriage out of community of property according to the laws of England.

Kidwick, County of York, England.

D. of D. – 29 July 1958

Where died – Beatrice Nursing Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Children – nil

Prop move – yes

Prop immov – no

+£300 – yes

Will – yes

Signed – Port Elizabeth, 20 December, 1958

Cecil Galpin


Death Certificate


Surname – Pearson born Rishworth

First names – Elizabeth

D. of D. – Twentyninth July 1958

Sex – Female

District of Death – Port Elizabeth

Race – White

Age and D. of Birth – 89 years 12.3.1869

Personal status – Widow

Cause of Death – Myocardial failure: Cerebral arteriosclerosis

Duration – months

Medical Prac – C. M. Kroon

Entry number – 1218/58

Certificate number – 141319


Copy of Last Will and Testament


I, ELIZABETH PEARSON (born Rishworth) a Widow of Port Elizabeth, do hereby revoke all former Wills made by me and declare this to be my Laast Will and Testament.


  1. I leave and bequeath to my nephew ERIC PEARSON of 36 Carpenter Road, Edgaston, Birmingham 15, England, the sum of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS  (£1,000).


  1. I leave and bequeath to my niece RUTH PEARSON  daughter of ERIC PEARSON of 36 Carpenter Road, Edgaston, Birmingham 15, England, my three stone diamond ring set in platinum.


  1. I bequeath the rest and residue of my Estate and Effects of which I may die possessed both movable and immovable and of whatsoever nature and kind and whether in possession reversion remainder or expectancy nothing excepted to Mrs. HILDA BAILEY presently of 17 Woodville Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, Miss WINNIE BRIGG presently of 17 Woodville Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, and Mrs. RUTH DOLLERY presently of 54 Clevedon Road, Port Elizabeth, in equal shares as their full free and unencumbered property and in the event of any one or more of my aforesaid residuary heirs predeceasing me I direct that the share which would have devolved upon such predeceased heir or heirs shall devolve upon the survivors or survivor of them.


  1. I nominate and appoint CECIL CARTER GALPIN and failing him the Senior Partner for the time being of the firm of JOUBERT GALPIN & SEARLE, Solicitors of Port Elizabeth, or the Successors to that firm, to be the Executor of this Will and Administrator of my Estate and Effects hereby giving and granting to him all such powers and authority as are allowed in law and especially that of assumption.


Page 2.

  1. I reserve to myself from time to time and at all times hereafter to make all such alterations in or additions to this my Will as I shall think fit, either by a separate act or at the foot hereof desiring that the same shall be as valid and effectual as if they had been inserted herein.


THUS  DONE  and  EXECUTED  at  PORT  ELIZABETH, Cape Province, on the 23rd day of January, 1952.


Was signed.


Bond of Security


The Master required a bond to be posted by the executor.

£8500.0.0. was paid into The Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited. On 20.8.1958.












FIRST  AND  FINALL LIQUIDATION  AND  DISTRIBUTION  ACCOUNT  IN  THE  ESTATE  OF  THE  LATE  ELIZABETH  PEARSON,  BORN  RISHWORTH, a widow who died at Port Elizabeth on the 29th July, 1958 – Estate No. 1540/58.




  1. Balance standing to credit with Joubert,                                                144   2   1

Galpin & Searle, Attorneys

2.            250 Permanent Shares in Southern Building

Society                                                                                    250    –    –

Plus accrued dividend                                                                4  10   5            254  10   5

3.            100 Paid-up Class A Shares in Natal

Building Society                                                          1000    –    –

Plus accrued dividend                                                              18   4    7            1018   4   7

  1. 15 Paid-up Permanent Shares in South African

Permanent Building Society                                                750    –    –

Plus accrued dividend                                                              13  13   6            763  13   6

  1. Balance Savings Account with Perseverance

Building Society                                                                                    2019 19 10

  1. 90 Paid-up Permanent Shares in Perseverance

Building Society                                                            4500    –    –

Plus accrued dividend                                                                82    –  11            4582   –  11

  1. 18 ct. Platinum 3 stone diamond ring

specially bequeathed to deceased’s niece

Ruth Pearson at its sworn appraised value                                                    60    –   –

  1. Balance of income accrued to deceased as at

Date of death ex Estate of her predeceased

husband Francis stirk Pearson who died and

whose Estate is administered in England,

less Bank Charges.                                                                                       24   9   1


Total  Assets                                                                                                8867   –   5




  1. Paid Joubert, Galpin & Searle, Attorneys

Attending drawing Death Notice,

Inventory and obtaining Letters of

Administration                                                                                         4   4    –


Total legal requirements                                                                            8    8    –

Medical, etc                                                                                                104  19   8

Executors                                                                                                107   2    6

Master’s  Fees                                                                                                   24   8    –


Total liabilities                                                                                    244  18   2

Balance for Distribution                                                                        8622   2   3





Balance for distribution                                                                        8622   2   3


Ruth Mahony, born Pearson, ring, value                           60    –    –


Eric Pearson                                                                        1000    –   –


Hilda Bailey, born Briggs, married to Colin

Duddridge  Bailey                                                            2520  14   1


Winifred Briggs, major spinster                                    2520  14   1


Joint estate of the late Reginald Norman

Dollery who died at Port Elizabeth on

28.9.1958 and his surviving spouse

Ruth Penelope Dollery, born Cornwell, to

Whom he was married in community of

Property.  Estate no 2054/58. the bequest

Having been made to Ruth Dollery.                                    2520  14   1


8622   2    3            8622   2   3


Signed 10.11.1958




  1. Ruth Mahoney signed at New York, U.S.A.
  2. Eric Pearson, no place recorded.
  3. Winifred Briggs signed at Port Elizabeth
  4. Hilda Bailey signed at Port Elizabeth
  5. Ruth Penelope Dollery, born Cornwall (note now spelt with an a) and C.C. Galpin as exec of Estate 2054/58 signed at Port Elizabeth.



DOC    4/1/428    ref:  1456


Deed of Hypothecation


Peter Fairweather Hampton and Thomas Henry Rishworth, trading as Hampton and Rishworth at Mortimer, in the District of Cradock, borrows from Charles  Hannam trading as Hannam & Company, the sum of £3000.0.0.

Property bonded  Certain piece of Perpetual Quitrent land being the remaining extent of part of the place called “VAN  STADEN’S  DAM” situate in the Division of CRADOCK.  Measuring 2698 morgen and 335 square roods.

Peter Hampton was the owner.

This agreement was mainly for credit on purchases.  Today in this country they allow 90 days for payment.


Dated 29th April, 1895.


DOC    4/1/1292    ref:  5290




Mary Jane Hunt, born Rishworth, married without community of property to George Hunt and assisted by him as far as need be, is lawfully indebted to William Frederick Savage, William Thomas Taylor and Alfred Smith as trustees in the Estate of the late William Savage, in the sum of £650.0.0.at 6% interest per annum from 8th January, 1908.  Payments to be made half yearly on 30th June and 31st December.

As security a Piece of ground in the Suburb of Sydenham, Pot Elizabeth, being Subdivision No 1. of the divided lots 95 to 116 of the grant to the Town Council of Port Elizabeth dated 25 March 1862 being portions of the lots 95 to 97.

Measuring 44 Square roods 56 square feet.

As per Transfer dated 16 May 1907, made in favour of Appearer’s Principal.

Dated 24 December, 1907.









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