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Colquhoun of Luss

col of luss

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Short History of the Colquhoun Family


A Short History of of the Colquhoun

and Hamilton Families, Ancestors of

Alexander Colhoun and Judith Hamilton


Although Alexander Colhoun and Judith Hamilton

lived their out their lives at Crosh House near the town of

Newton-Stewart, County Tyrone, the family home of the Irish

branch of the Colhoun family, a number of their children and

grandchildren emmigrated to America in the early part of the

18th century and today their American descendants number many

thousands. (I’m descended from their son Hugh Colhoun

through my great-grandmother, Lizzie Belle Calhoon).

Since there are so many of us I thought the most useful thing

I could do would be to put on some of the information about

their ancestry, particularly maternal lines.


The Colquhouns


The first person to be known by the name was Sir Gilbert de

Colquhoun, Lord of huge tracts of land of the same name in

Dumbartonshire, Scotland, born around 1150 AD. As a result

of his fueding with other clans these lands were forfeited to

the crown in 1220 AD and acquired by Umfridus de Kilpatrick

of Colquhoun, our first direct ancestor in this line. There

is relatively little known about the early Colquhouns and

nothing is known of their wives until the time of Sir Robert

de Colquhoun (1350-1390), who married the heiress of Luss,

thus adding that title and the accompanying lands to the

Colquhoun estate. Sir John (or Iain) Colquhoun (1408-1459) held the office of Governor of Dumbarton Castle

and married Jean Erskine, the daughter of Lord Robert Erskine,

however I have not yet discovered anything of her ancestry.

His grandson, also Sir John or Iain (1459-1478) succeeded him

and held the positions of Comptroller of the Exchequer (1460),

Sheriff of Dumbartonshire (1471) and Great Chamberlain (1474).

He was killed at the siege of Dunbar. The claim made that his

wife, a Boyd, was the daughter of Sir Thomas Boyd and

Princess Mary of Scotland seems to be false (see notes below),

however, another Boyd, Agnes (d. July 18, 1584 at Edinburgh),

the daughter of Robert, the 5th Lord Boyd and his wife

Mariota Colquhoun, was the descendant of this pair. (Agnes

Boyd married Sir John Colquhoun XIII & XV of Luss, on Nov.

15, 1564). This heritage is particularly interesting because

Princess Mary’s father, James II of Scotland, was the son of

James I, whose marriage into the English royal house is a

particularly dramatic and romantic tale: James, b. July 1394,

had been sent to safety in France by his father, Robert III

shortly before the later’s death in 1406. The young Prince

was captured by the English, however and held until

1424, during which time he met and fell in love with Joan

Beaufort, the granddaughter of John of Gaunt, who was the son

of Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. The poem ‘The Kinges

Quaire’ is reputed to have been written by James I about his

captivity and romance with Joan. See the following

pedigree chart and

biography of Edward III for

more information about Edward III and Philippa of Hainault.



I am much indebted for this information to Dan Calhoun,

who not only fit my branch of the Calhoons into the overall

picture     but put me in touch with second cousins still living

in Kansas, to Linda Samuelson, who did much of the original


Much of my information comes from Orval O. Calhoun’s

exhaustive 4 vol. “Our Calhoun Family History”.

Although I have not verified this information myself I

believe it is generally realiable as far as the older Calhoun

information goes. However with regard to the connection of

some of the American Calhouns to the old-World family much

information remains questionable. Also his claim of royal

descent through a daughter of Sir Thomas Boyd, who married

Princess Mary of Scotland seems to be incorrect (per

correspondence with members of the Boyd List) and also the

claim of descent from the same Princess Mary and her second

husband, James Hamilton, according to my correspondence with

Johanna Myatt:

“The following two sources debunk the lineage of Judith

Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton son of George son of

Claud Hamilton: From “Burke’s Irish Family Records” American

Edition, London, 1976? Leslie (Co. Kerry) “This family is a

cadet branch of the LESLIES of Wardis (see Burke’s Peerage,

LESLIE of Wardis, Bt) JAMES LESLIE, of Milltown; 4th son of

William Leslie, 4th of Wardis, Falconer to King James VI and

I (see Burke’s Peerage, LESLIE of Wardis, BT); m Margaret

Erksine, dau of the Laird of Pittodrie, and d in hosp in

Aberdeen 1620, leaving issue (with a yr son) COL JAMES LESLIE,

served in King Charles I’s Army in Ireland, and in Civil War

1641, m Isabella, dau (one of 27 children by one wife) of Rev.

Alexander Conyngham, Dean of Raphoe (see Burke’s Peerage,

CONYNGHAM, M) and had issue, JOHN (Rev) of whom presently.

*  Catherine, m. Rev. James Hamilton, MA, of Montgavelin

Castle, Co Donegal, eldest son of Rev. Andrew Hamilton, Pres

of Kilskerry, and had issue.  He d. 1689.*” From “Burke’s

Peerage” London 1900 Lord Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley,

the zealous partizan of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a very

gallant and distinguished personage….He was b. 1543 m.

Margaret dau of George 5th Lord Seton.  He d 1621, leaving

issue, 1. James, his heir 2. Claud (Sir) Constable of the

Castle Toome, Co Antrim, m the dau and heir of Sir Robert

Hamilton, of Manor Elieston, Co Tyrone.  He d 1629 and was

ancestor of the baronets of Woodbrook (extinct) 3. George

(Sir) of Greenlaw and Roscrea, Co Tipperary, who left an

*only* dau Margaret m  Sir Archibald Acheson, ancestor of

the Earls of Gosford. 4. Frederick, ancestor of Viscount

Boyne (see that title) 1. Margaret m William, 1st Marquess of


Many thanks to Leo van de Pas, who provided

an entirely different line of descent from Princess Mary and

James Hamilton through Agnes Boyd.

Much information on the Boyds and their royal

antecedents also came from the Boyd Family Pages. Most

royal genealogy data is from Directory of Royal Genealogical Data.

Anyone with Calhoon, Calhouns, Cahoons, Cohouns, Colquhouns, etc.

ancestry should be sure to check out the following:

The Clan Colquhoun Society,

Clan Colquhoun, and

this Colquhoun site with map.


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