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Thomas Rishworth – Family Tree

By Gary Kent and Beth Wearing

Descendants of Thomas Rishworth

Generation No. 1


1. THOMAS19 RISHWORTH (JAMES18, THOMAS17, JOHN16, JOHN15, JOHN14, JOHN13, ALEXANDER12, JOHN11, JOHN10, JOHN9 DE RISHWORTH, HENRY8, NICHOLAS7, ROBERT6, HENRY5, THOMAS4 RISHWORTH, HENRY3, ELIAS2 DE RISSEWORTH, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1771 in Yorkshire, England, and died 24 June 1843 in Hemsworth, Yorkshire, England.  He met SARAH MARSH 29 September 1793 in All Saints, Wakefield, England.



Christened: 17 March 1772, Hemsworth, Yorkshire, England



i. MARY20 RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1795; d. 01 August 1797, Hemsworth, Yorkshire, England.

ii. THOMAS RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1796; d. Birthwaite; m. MARY CORNELIA HUNT, St Michaels Church, Cornhill.



Christened: 10 October 1796, Hemsworth, Yorkshire, England


iii. JAMES/JOHN RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1798; m. EMMA HOLDSWORTH, Abt. 1820, Marriage Bond of 1820, York.

iv. RICHARD RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1798, Wakefield, Yorks, England; d. 19 December 1883, Burbank Street, Ballarat, Vic, Australia; m. HARRIET ANN DURANT, 09 February 1856, Residence of Daniel Bond Selman, Ballarat, Vic, Aus.

v. GEORGE TOWNEND RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1803, Wakefield, Yks, England; d. 04 October 1880, Newton, Alverthorpe, Yks, England; m. JANE ANN DIBB, 09 August 1824, St Peter’s Church, Leeds, Yks, England.



Christened: 25 May 1803, All Saints Church, Wakefield, Yks, England


vi. HENRY RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1804, Wakefield, Yks, England; d. 19 August 1844, Wakefield, Yks, England, Workhouse Wakefield..



Christened: 01 October 1804, All Saints Church, Wakefield, Yks, England


vii. CHARLES RISHWORTH, b. Abt. 1805, Wakefield, Yks, England.



Christened: 18 October 1805, All Saints Church, Wakefield, Yks, England


viii. SEPTIMUS RISHWORTH, b. 1807; d. 1832.

ix. EDWARD RISHWORTH, b. 1808.

x. EDWIN RISHWORTH, b. 1811.

xi. SARAH RISHWORTH, b. 1814.



‘Rishworth’ By Robert Rishworth – Chapter 9

By Robert Rishworth

Chapter 9


Annie Rishworth and Descendants in Australia

Annie Rishworth, born in Ilkley on 3rd December 1894 arrived in Australia and married Frederick Graves in Sydney in 1925.  She died on 17th September 1989.  Frederick Graves, born on 1st March 1896 died in September 1965.


Annie was engaged to Ernest Simpson and was travelling on the Beltania from England to Australia in 1925 to marry Ernest who was already in Australia.  However during the journey she met Fred Graves, a ship’s cook, who she then married later that year.



Annie and Frederick had one son, Reginald Walter and one daughter, Dorothy Irene.  The family returned to England in about 1932, living in Surrey for four years, then in Ilkley until 1941 when they returned to Australia on a navy escorted ship during WW2.


Reginald Walter Graves was born on 31st May 1928 and died in August 1964.  He never married nor had children.  He was a postman, always lived with his parents, and enjoyed the latest music of the day.


Dorothy Irene Graves was born on 21st September 1930 and was a hairdresser until she married John Harrison (Jack), who was born 20th October 1930, on 12th May 1950.  They lived in Carrington, Newcastle, New South Wales.  Dorothy and John had one son John Frederick and one daughter Kerri Anne.


John Frederick Harrison was born on 12th February 1952 and married Janice Latter in May 1972.  They had four sons, Jamie Paul, Michael John, Matthew Stephen and

Adam Christopher.


Jamie Paul Harrison was born on 13th November 1972.  He married Michelle Louise Wilkinson. They have two sons, Jack Daniel, born 20th September 1995 and Thomas James born 3rd August 2002, and one daughter Zoe Louise born 12th July 1998.


Michael John Harrison was born on 13th October 1974 and married Belinda Jane Schirmer in 2002.  They have one daughter, Caitlan Grace born 18th August 2004, and a son Luke Geoffrey John born 20th June 2007.


Matthew Stephen Harrison was born 23rd December 1980.


Adam Christopher Harrison was born 13th December 1985.


Kerri Anne Harrison was born on 16th November 1954 and is a nurse.  She married Brian Stewart Davidson in Aberdeen, Scotland on 26th November 1984.  They had one daughter, Jane Margaret, and one son Nathan James


Jane Margaret Davidson was born 11th June 1985.


Nathan James Davidson was born 27th January 1988.




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