Welcome to my Family History Pages.

This is a blog site that contains ‘bits and pieces’ from our Rishworth, Lamb, Monti, Green, Wilson, Pope and associated ancestors of each of these lines and their family stories.

I also have an ancestry.com tree – ‘Rishworth Wilson’ which has approx 8000 ancestors on it including photos and stories which date back to Anglo-Saxon times. I’ve been researching my family for about 30 years.

This is a ‘work in progress’ personal hobby and may therefore contain assumptions and errors. I am always happy to correct anything if you leave me a message.




4 responses to “Home

  • Jacqueline Yallup

    Hi Lisa,

    I was so excited to find this. I have been trying to put together the Blamey family tree. My great grandmother was Ellen May Blamey who married Maynard Norton.
    My grandfather Holliday was from Veralum and my father grew up with all the names you mention here, all so very familiar to me.

    Lisa I seem to be missing Alfred who married the Manning. Was he brother to Roach and Cardell? I am missing dates which also makes things just that bit more difficult. Would you be able to fill me in a bit more? The church they got married in at Veralum is where my parents married. Small world hey.

    Thank you for the most interesting reading.



    • Lisa Wilson Photography

      Hi Jacqueline,
      I have just read your comment left on my blog and am sorry for such a late reply. How amazing that you mention the same names here.I am going to send you a link to my ancestry.com family tree where you will be able to see the whole Blamey, Manning and Roach family. But to answer your question Roach and Cardell were his brothers.
      (John) Alfred Blamey was your Ellen’s father, but I have her as Ellen Maud Blamey b 1890. Is that the same person? If so then Ellen was the sister of ‘my’ Great grandmother Medina Blamey.

      Where do you currently live?
      I’m in New Zealand

      best regards


  • Jo-anne Hounsom

    Hello Lisa,
    I have enjoyed looking at your website as my early ancestors arrived on the King William with the Blameys. I am trying to get information about the man Edith Gertrude Blamey married. His name was Oswald Fynney and he was the magistrate of the Ubombo disctrict.
    Edith Gertrude Blamey is the daughter of James Roach Blamey and Ocea Isabel Fynney.
    If you can help my email address is joahou@gmail.com
    Kind regards
    Jo-anne Hounsom


  • Heather

    I have a few questions about a Vincenzo on your post 12/12/10
    Do you have a birth date or any other info. He looks like my Great Grandfather.


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