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Nonna and friends on the Tamaroa

Fay (centre)


Chapter 2, Monti, Aurelio Family, Ischia

Monti – Aurelio Family, Casamicciola, Ischia, Italy

Maria Guiseppa Aurelio was born on 1st February 1892, the daughter of Giovani Guiseppe and Guiseppa Ferrara of Casamicciola, and baptized the following day in the Parish Church of Sante Maria Maddelena.

Vincenzo Monti married Maria Aurelia on Ischia. Family stories say that when Filomena was very young, he left the family and travelled to America where he started a new life in New York. But how much of this story is true?

Vincenzo, like so many other form Ischia, travelled to the US, for the first time, in 1903. At just 19 years of age, on the steamship Perugia, leaving Naples on 22 March 1903 and arriving in New York, he was single and occupation peasant. He had not been to the US before and was going to stay with his brother Salvatore at 67 West street.

Again at 25 years of age, Vincenzo Monti, travelling from Casamicciola to New York on the steamship Liguria, 29th March 1906 arrived on 13 April. He was single and traveling with his nephew Salvatore Imparato, who was 12 years of age. They were going to stay with Salvatore’s father Orio Imperato, Vincenzo’s brother in law, at pos (?) W 33rd Street, NY.






Above: Baby, Salvatore Imperato,                                                                                                                     Above: S.S. Liguria

Below: SS Principe Di Piemonte.

According to the manifest of the steamship Principe Di Piemonte, Vincenzo departed Naples again on 28 April 1911 and arrived in New York’s Ellis Island on 13th May 1911.It indicates that he was 30 years of age (being born around 1881) and his last of residence is Casamicciola. His next of kin stated as his wife Maria Aurelia of Casamicciola. However his ethnicity is stated as US with a stamp saying non immigrant alien on the original, meaning that he had immigrated between 1906 and 1911. He was staying at 20th Street, S(?) 52, NY. The name is undiscernable but looks like Br. in law Berr co Malla.

On 28th February 1914 Vincenzo Monti returned to New York with his brother in law Domenico Monti. He was staying at 55th West 33 Str NY. This journey was made just 3 months before Maria was due to give birth with their child.

We don’t know why Vincenzo went to New York especially after he was newly married – perhaps he was like the millions of other Italians in the early 20th century who went to start a new life or was he simply going to earn money to send back to the family in Ischia as many thousands did from the area at that time.

Family stories say that Maria’s family would not let her move to the US and preferred her to remain with her family on Ischia.

Filomena Monti was born on 17th May 1914 in Casamicciola, the daughter of Vincenzo Monti and Maria Guiseppa Aurelio.

Maria and her sister Vincenza both lived at Villa Primula, their whole lives.


Villa Primula is built in the old style from hand hewn stone blocks, mortared together by lime. It stands over two stories with an upper living floor and a basement dwelling. Sisters Maria and Vincenza Aurelia (Monti) lived together with their children, Filomena and cousins Giannino and Juliana.

Gianino married Nunziatina. They had 3 children Giancarlo, Franco and Enzo.

Giannino was a merchant seaman like his father and retired to set up a profitable business with his sons at the marina in Lacco Ameno where the family now live. They had three sons, Franc, Enzo and Pietro.

Juliana had one son, John. They lived most of their life in Rome but still have an apartment above the Villa.

The gardens at Villa Primula have always been kept in loving condition with orange trees at the front, palms, roses, geraniums and other tropical shrubs. To the rear there is an orange grove with resplendent fruit, bordered by large lemon trees and laced around the edge with Daphne, Jasmine and red Bougainvillea.

Inside the villa, the floors are covered by intricate handcrafted tiles. These were laid by Vincenza’s husband, as remembered by Giannino Monti my 3rd cousin.

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